The new Addressinator!™ 4

Address book software and contact management software
is here!

• Easy to use
• Affordable for the individual user or for a network of users
• Customize your address book fields
• Easily search for contact information entered into your address book software
• Group your contacts
• Import and export from addressinator! Address book software
• Report design wizard for printing to many different types of labels
• Individually email or bulk email contacts
• Compatible with sql express, firebird server and sql server for network use
• And many more features

*Download a trial copy of Addressinator! 4 address book software today.

Installation of the Addressinator! address book software is simple and quick, and you can start organizing your address book contacts and personal information now.


How to add a contact to Addressinator!


How to print labels


How to customize fields

Features of Addressinator! 4

*Add contacts into groups for easy retrieval, searching, reports, and label printing
*Use the Search feature to quickly find a contact by any entered information
*Print your address information to reports, address labels, contact sheets