*Add contacts into groups for easy retrieval, searching, reports, and label printing

Search for contacts in Addressinator! address book software *Use the Search feature to quickly find a contact by any entered information
*Use the integrated Google maps link access to view your contact’s address on a map and/or get driving directions

Print in Addressinator! address book software * Print your address information to reports, address labels, contact sheets
* If a sample label template not included, quickly and easily make a template for your specific label using the report designer wizard
* Customize existing report and label templates and/or create your own
* Includes design Wizard for Avery Labels, AOne, APLI, Devauzet, ERO, Formtec, Herma, Hisago, Herlitz, Kokuyo and MACO labels.

Customize the Addressinator! address book software *Customize any or all of the 20 custom fields

Email contacts in Addressinator! address book software * Copy name and address information from Addressinator! quickly and easily to another program
* Perform bulk operations like moving or copying contacts from one group to a new group
* Email individual contacts or bulk email specific groups or all contacts in Addressinator!
* Specify CC when emailing so all contact addresses are visible, or BCC where addresses are not visible to any of the other contacts you are bulk emailing

Export and import Addressinator! address book software contacts * Export your contacts – either individual addresses, groups of addresses or all address information to text format or XML format
* Import Text function allows ability to remove duplicates or selected entries before import occurs
* Import from your Addressinator! 3 contacts
* Import from text export files other programs or database

Network your Addressinator! address book software database * Share the same database of addresses to others on your network to eliminate the need for double-entry
* Configure the database for Firebird Server, SQL Express or SQL Server for simultaneous network access
* Login security with right to view only, or right to edit and view when used in network environment

Free email support for Addressinator! address book software * Free email support
* Free maintenance updates