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Buy Addressinator! address book software single user license Purchase Single User License - US$39.95 
Buy Addressinator! address book software network multi-user license Purchase Network Multi-User License - US$99.95 


Exchange Addressinator! 3 License for version 4 License by purchasing an Upgrade License

Buy Addressinator! address book software upgrade license for single user Purchase Upgrade License for Single User - US$19.95 **
Buy Addressinator! address book software upgrade for network multi-user license Purchase Upgrade License for Network Multi-User - US$49.95 **

**Before proceeding with an upgrade purchase - you must provide where indicated in the order process the following:

  • A copy of your old version Addressinator! key and registered name - Your Addressinator! 3 key and registered name is accessible for copy from the Addressinator! 3 menu Tools -> Options -> Program Defaults if you do not know your original ShareIT reference number.
  • Or your original ShareIT order reference number - Your ShareIt order reference number was sent in an email to you when you originally purchased Addressinator! 3

Important Information to review before ordering:

1. Try before you buy

There is no reason to buy a license just to try out the program as you have full access to all features of the trial before purchasing.

Refer to the Answers web page for limitations of the trial and how to obtain a full 30 day no restrictions keycode to fully try out Addressinator! before purchase

2. Credit card statement will state ShareIt payment processing

Purchases made by credit card will appear on your statement as: ""

ShareIt processes payment securely for over 10000 software companies.

ShareIT uses a sophisticated system of credit card verification to protect customers from un-authorized credit card use.

For this reason, you want to be very careful when you enter your address and other personal information to ensure it is exactly how it appears on your credit card statements.

We recommend you have a copy of your credit card statement on hand showing your address and other information as your credit card company has it on their files so that you can enter it exactly.

If there is any discrepancy the order will be bumped out of the automatic purchase process for a human to verify which can add up hours or days to the time it takes for your transaction to be cleared or cause it to be rejected completely.

3. Apply your Activation Key before the Install By date

When your purchase payment is confirmed, you will be sent via email an Activation Key.

This Activation Key will include instructions and the keycode that will activate the Addressinator! database for either single use or network use

The Activation Key will have an Install By date which will be midnight seven days from date of purchase - for example, if you purchased October 5th, the Install By date will be midnight October 11th (October 12 12:00AM)

Once a keycode is applied, it does not need to ever be re-applied.

In the event of a need to re-install, you would restore the database from backup which would restore your data as well as the license. Please refer to the Addressinator! Help section on backup and restoration. If you do not have a backup of your Addressinator! database file, contact us at  via your Addressinator! registered email address for the URL to pay the administration fee to receive a re-issue of the keycode.

In a network configuration, all computers access the same licensed database, so there is no need to re-apply the keycode other than initially to license the database. Refer to the Addressinator! Help section on network configuration for more details on network configuration.

4. Do not use a HotMail account:

When entering in your email address when purchasing, do not to use a HotMail account.

If you need a web-based email account, it is recommended to setup a gmail  or yahoo mail account  instead.
In most cases you will never receive the Activation Key email message, nor will we be able to reply to any emails from you.

You can also check out these two URL links about why not to use a HotMail account if you actually want to receive email from other's that do not have a HotMail account 

Do not to use a HotMail account - or you may never receive your keycode nor receive any replies from Addressinator! support or sales.



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